Tin containers for honey

  My friend gave me this tin container with Pine tree honey as a present from Greece.

"Pine tree honey is a Hellenic honey, which is lovingly collected by experienced beekeepers in the famous pine forest of Halkidiki and Thassos."
Sithon, Hellenic honey since 1952.

  1000 gram and 455 gram tin containers

  The packaged honey is distributed to the Greek and European markets.

Bulk honey is sold in packages of 27 kg tin cans.

The average yearly production of the co-cp is close to 800 metric tons (approximately 1800000 pounds) of honey in different types. One metric ton is equal to 2204.6 pounds.

  "The main objective of the co-op remains the production of quality products that meet contemporary consumer needs based on scientific data.
In that respect e emphasize and pay particular attention to the packaging process regarding hygiene and safety of product to maintain that natural characteristics of honey.
For this purpose a completely organized chemistry lab with trained and personnel is in operation in our premises. Almost all possible analyses of honey are being done on site.
Since year 2000 the co-cp has established and operates in accordance with the International Quality Standard ISO 9001."


  Opened container with pine tree honey

  Here you can see the color of pine tree honey in comparison with the color of goldenrod honey.

1. Tin - a malleable, silvery metallic element obtained chiefly from cassiterite. It is used to coat other metals to prevent corrosion and is a part of numerous alloys, such as soft solder, pewter, type metal, and bronze. Atomic number 50; atomic weight 118.71; melting point 231.89C; boiling point 2,270C; specific gravity 7.31; valence 2, 4.
2. Tin container - an airtight sealed metal container (tin-coated sheet of metal) used especially for preserving food or drink etc.
I prefer to use only glass jars because I think that a high-quality product should be placed into fine containers.
3. "Honeydew - a saccharine deposit secreted on the leaves of plants usually by aphids or scale insects or sometimes by a fungus" Merriam-Webster Dictionary
4. Pine tree honey is a type of Honeydew honey such as Beech honeydew honey, Fir honeydew honey etc.


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