Bee Hive Live Camera located in the Catskills Mountains, NY, USA


Live Polystyrene hive versus Wood hive test.

Test #1 description:


Three identical jars were filled up with boiled water,


sensors were attached to each jar,


jars were installed in three different hives.


View of the test yard. Test #1:

- wood hive (1.5" thickness),
- polystyrene hive (1.5" thickness),
- wood hive (3/4" thickness).


View of the test yard. Test #2.

I would like to show the temperature during a 24-hour period inside a three-body hive with 30 frames, but without bees.
Left Hive: the first (bottom) hive body is wooden, the second and the third are polystyrene.
Right Hive: all hive bodies are polystyrene.
In each hive, the units above the third body are THSCU. Click here to read more


Sensors are located in the center of the area above the frames.

If you represent an organization interested in a specific live camera project
related to bees, please send me your proposals. Sponsors are welcomed!

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