Pierco Plastic Frames and Foundations

  In order to get a discount, you have to buy at least one hundred foundations.

  A Pierco plastic foundation and an unassembled wooden frame

Betterbee wooden frames "are built exclusively of Eastern Pine, so they fit tighter and are less brittle (compared to Western Pine). They are much easier to nail, too!." (From Betterbee catalog).
You can use a grooved or wedged top bar.

  An assembled wooden frame with a Pierco plastic foundation

  Excellent result

  Pierco 1-Piece Waxed Plastic Frames with Foundation

"Almost one million of these labor saving frames were sold to commercial beekeepers last year alone! We switched to these in our own outfit 4 years ago and are very satisfied. Why spend your time assembling frames when you could be working your bees and selling honey? Fully assembled and ready to put in the hive."
(From Betterbee catalog)

  Pierco frame - three stages

  New eggs

  Perfect queen cells

  "You can also get frames in custom colors to further enhance your brand.

There are additional charges depending on the color requested.
Minimum order - 6,000 frames (it takes a lot of time to clean custom color out of system)."

  "To support your business, you can get your Pierco frames branded with your company name or registration number."
  "For custom branding there is a 1 time charge of $350.00 to make the brand/stamp.
From there it is $.06 per frame to brand/stamp them.
Minimum order - 3,000 frames"

1. USDA helped Pierco with the mold for this new hard plastic, beeswax coated frame for use as an Integrated Pest Management technique for combating Varroa Mites. The frame is colored so you will be able to see which frame it is in the hive. You should have two for each hive, so that you can rotate them. Bees draw a beautiful drone cell foundation with it. It is so much easier to use than the straight unwired drone foundation.

Link to related info - a modified two queen system


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