"The Hogg Cassettes Club."

These are comments from beekeepers who use Hogg Halfcomb Cassettes.

"The least labor intensive comb honey system available, and by a big margin."
James McCaig, St. Lazare, Quebec

"The more I work with the Halfcomb, the more amazed I become."
Linden Headlee, Morgantown, WV

"Try the Halfcomb Cassettes, they will get you excited about beekeeping again and make great gifts."
Dr. Roger Hoopingarner, Prof. Emeritus, Michigan State University

"A pleasure to work with."
Dr. Warren Parsons, Jackson, MI

"In the summer of 2000, the lead hive in my apiary on Juniper Hill produced eight supers of 40 cassettes, 12 oz. Each, by the Juniper Hill Plan."
John Hogg, Inventor and Developer of the Hogg Halfcomb Casssettes

Here are additional comments:

"Neat," "clever," "revolutionary"
"[Bees] filled them right up and we sold them readily at the Farm Market."
"The bees went into them like they had been waiting for them."
"A thing like that could bring comb honey back."
"The wax in comb honey gets in my way, but the small amount of wax in [Halfcomb Cassette] honey doesn’t."

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