Proper hive ventilation is a very important issue.

  The simplest solution - Inner Cover with an additional entrance-ventilation hole (1" X 3/8") in the front block/border.

  Dadant Ventilated Inner Cover

"Use our vented inner cover to up honey production and increase ventilation throughout the hive."

  Some beekeepers like to move the outer cover back about a half an inch. The telescoping cover sits on top of the front of the inner cover. But sometimes it is not enough, especially if your hives are in a hot climate.

Personally, I don't like this idea, especially if you have ant colonies near your bee yard. The second disadvantage of such approach is stimulation of robbery by local bees and a possibility of diseases transmission as bees from neighboring colonies can visit your hives without problem.

For my hives I have been using my Temperature Humidity Self Control Unit (THSCU) since 2003 and have installed these units in 20 hives.

  "New durable Hive Stand with Ventilated Bottom Board. The Ventilated Bottom Board has a mite screen and a inspection/clean out drawer. The Hive Stand has reversible wet/dry deflectors that can be filled with oil or water for ant control. The legs elevate the hive off of the ground. Plastic components are made with Hi-Impact Resin for durability. A UV Inhibitor for long life. The plastic is paintable for personalized colors. Plastic mite screen is removable for easy cleaning. A slanted floor directs debris to the cleaning drawer/trap. Weight capacity is over 1000 lbs. Available in Green only. Shipping weight is 10 lbs. Price: $32.50" (Dadant & Sons)

  "Ventilation is very important to the health of the hive. It can be especially important in the winter in colder climates as well as during the heat of the summer. We have found an upper entrance so moisture can escape the hive in the winter combined with insulation so the moisture does not condense on the underside of inner cover and drip down on the cluster significantly improves overwintering success.
Developed over several years, we feel out all season inner cover provides not only appropriate ventilation and insulation during the winter, but also allows easy access for late or early season feeding, plus the benefits of passive cross flow ventilation during the summer without the cost of other systems." Honey Run Apiaries
Price Information and More Details are here

  "Our Modification kit is an add-on for the standard hive, for the bee keeper with a number of hives who wishes to improve on the Langstroth or the standard North American hive. Independently tested, increases production and hive products by 85%.
The Inner Cover is plywood rather than masonite. We have found that the shiny surface of masonite will sweat and the water beads up. In Winter the condensation freezes and in the Spring melts and eventually this condensation will drip back into the cluster. It is cleated to provide bee space on both sides and mesh covered holes provide ventilation. We have also provided a Winter top opening, which can be opened and closed as needed. Next is the Ventilation Box. The same as the honey super but with slanted screened holes to provide through ventilation. This works on the same principle as the soffit vents in our houses. The ventilation is controllable, in the Summer we need maximum ventilation and in the winter it is drastically reduced. The roof has 3 ventilation holes on the front, it's cleated on the inside to make it ride on top of the ventilation box. One to provide a large open area, the same as our attics, two to provide space for feeder pails etc. So much for the mechanics, now to explain our thinking regarding ventilating bee hives." (The Bee Works)

  Solar Smart Vent by Sunforce - $49.99

"An integrated solar panel powers this Wel-Bilt smart vent, reducing heat buildup and condensation in confined areas. The integrated 1.6V motor can be set for air in/out and the integrated battery unit can store power for day/night use. Easy to install; requires no wiring. Not related to WELBILTŪ products of Enodis companies."

It is easy to adapt this device for application in hive ventilation.

  Acurite Thermometers: $7.99-11.99
(Wal-Mart, Lowes)

I prefer "AcuRite" brand thermometers; they are very affordable and reliable.

Such a small investment will help you control temperature inside your hives year-round.

However, direct sunlight or rain can damage your thermometers. Therefore, it is your responsibility to choose a proper location for the thermometer on your hive.

  I strongly recommend to install any type of hive Awning.
It is VERY helpful if summer temperature is too hot in your area.

For this purpose you can use light colored vinyl siding/soffit, metal roofing or piece of plywood.

July 07, 2010. 11 a.m.

  A close look at Hive Awning

July 07, 2010. 11 a.m.

  Inside Hive Temperature
("Out" shows a temperature around Sensor area)

July 07, 2010. 11 a.m.

  Outside Temperature.

July 07, 2010. 11 a.m.

  Temperature update for July 07, 2010:
12.01 p.m. Outside Temperature: 41,6°C, Inside Hive Temperature: 35,5°C
      1 p.m. Outside Temperature: 39,5°C, Inside Hive Temperature: 36,2°C.

Bee Cool Ventilators

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