Frame Spacing Tool

  Some beekeepers use only 8 or 9 frames in a honey super, while others use all 10. It does make a difference. If you use 9 frames, the comb on each frame will be drawn out wider by the bees, thus making much more space for the honey. A 9 frame super will usually contain more honey than a 10 frame because all nine frames are larger and can hold a total that exceeds 10 smaller drawn frames.

It also "Makes uncapping easier and quicker" from Dadant & Sons Inc.

Everyone can try it to see a result.

Price - $16.95

  I like this idea, but instead of Frame Spacing Tool I use small spacers. My spacers are nailed.

Because almost all my hive bodies are in the Bee Max standard, my Supers are also in the same standard. In normal situation they hold 11 frames.

  The Super is full of honey.
As you can see frames are not propolised together thanks to the spacers.

With a Frame Grip you can remove all frames just in a couple minutes!

  Also you can install drawing-pins/buttons as a simplest and cheapest solution.

I bought two hundred drawing-pins just for one dollar in my local "Dollar tree" store.


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