Homemade Foundationless Frames for Comb Honey Production

  It's not so difficult to make foundationless frames at home, because my foundationless frames have a very simple design.

  Assembled frame

  Side view of my frame.

The Top bar with a beveled edge - a flat bottom V.

I always apply natural wax to speed up acceptance of new frames by the bees.

For this purpose I use a brush...

  ...to paint the edge of the top bar on the inside of the bar.

You can also use this tip for factory made foundationless frames.

  Five day progress

  If you prefer to use frames with starter strips I recommend to install starter strips made from carton. For this purpose you can use any carton from a milk or a juice container.

Cut the carton into 1" x 16,5" strips.

And then you have to paint strips with fresh wax.

  Or you can reuse starter strips after cleanup.

The result will be excellent in both cases.

  You can see colored carton under top bar.

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