Beekeeping Questions

  There are thousands of beekeeping approaches.  Every beekeeper thinks that his approach is the best one.  I would like to find out the right answers to some IMPORTANT BEEKEEPING QUESTIONS using only comparative results!  Please send me various COMPARATIVE results such as: "For my five three-body hives without additional front entrance/ventilation holes, the honey production average was 300 pounds per hive/per season, and with additional holes for another five three-body hives, the honey production average was 200 pounds per hive/per season with the same Italian bees and for the same hives location."

IMPORTANT BEEKEEPING QUESTIONS that influence honey production:

1. Among the traditional bee stocks in the Northeast (and other U.S. regions), which one represents the most productive type in terms of honey yield?
2. Are Russian bees more productive, because they are more resistant to Varroa and Tracheal mites?
3. Does a two-queen colony produce more honey than two single-queen colonies?
4. What is the best hive location: a mostly sun-lit area or just a partially sun-lit area?
5. What is the best place for the extra/additional third hive body: on top of the second hive (see hives #1, #2) or between the first one and the second one, in order to incite quicker comb construction and (#3)
6. Is annual requeening necessary?
7. Should the queen excluder be used (as in hives #1, #2) or not (as in hive #3)?

    Click on each picture to view larger images.

  BeeMax Hive #1 - May 13, 2005:
BeeMax Hive #2 - May 13, 2005:
BeeMax Hive #3 - Apr 29, 2005:

7. Should there be an additional inch front entrance/ventilation hole in the second (third, fourth...)
    hive body (see hive body #2 of hive #1) or not (see hives #2, #3)?  Let's ask the bees:

  The initial situation in hive #1:
Drilling of 1/4 inch hole - April 09, 2005:
Bees enlarge the hole - April 29, 2005:

  Finally, the bees opened the hole - May 05, 2005:
Bees prefer to use it - May18, 2005:
In hive #3, the bees gnawed the hole themselves:

 8. Are BeeMax polystyrene hives better than traditional wooden hives?
 9. Are beewax coated plastic frames & foundations better than traditional wooden frames?
10. Should each BeeMax bottom board have a screened 8x10 inch ventilation hole?
11. How can a beekeeper prevent swarming in order to avoid the loss of bee workers?
12. Is sugar better than honey for winter feeding?
13. Is annual requeening a good idea?

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