Bee Phenomena

Similar to other living organisms, survival of their species represents the main purpose of beesí existence. Therefore, all actions that comprise their exhausting lives are guided towards this function. In contrast to many other organisms, however, bees have a superior social organization, which has sustained their presence on Earth throughout ages. At the same time, bees have contributed to humanity by pollinating plants and providing many essential products such as honey, wax, etc. Up to one hundred thousand specimens constitute a single bee family (colony), in which each bee performs distinct functions during various stages of its short life.

The hierarchy of a colony includes a single queen (produces eggs), several hundred drones (fertilize the queen), and tens of thousands of working bees (build combs, maintain and guard hives, feed offspring and collect pollen and nectar). An interesting example of beesí high level of social organization is demonstrated by their ability to avoid accidents while directing heavy flight traffic--simultaneous arrival and departure of thousands of bees through one hive entrance hole--without a dispatcher. Will humans ever be able to construct a comparable system of air flight control? There is still no explanation for the bee's ability to construct honeycombs so precisely. You cannot find a carpenter among the best professionals who can build similar intricate structures without special tools and in the darkness. Bees can perform this function even in the outer space in microgravity.

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