Inexpensive solar-powered alarm/security system

There are many alarm systems on the market right now;

many of them differ in design and components.

However, almost all alarm systems, even professional ones, are connected to a 12V AC adapter, which in turn is plugged into a standard 110V outlet. The systems also contain a rechargeable battery, as a back up source of power in case of an electricity outage.
When an alarm system is installed at a vacation house or weekend cottage, despite the fact that the alarm system consumes a very small amount of electricity per month (at current prices, less than one dollar), the consumer still has TO pay a monthly service charge of up to $20. Usually, this charge applies even if the monthly electricity consumption is zero kWh.

My idea is to use a small solar panel and a 12V battery as the main source of power instead of a 12V AC adapter. This scenario may be especially appealing to individuals who are not present at a given residence all year.
Since you will utilize the energy from the solar panel, you do not have to keep a year-long contract with an electricity supplier when you are away from the property. Thus, you will save on the monthly service charges.

You can calculate the wattage of a solar panel for your alarm/security system, based on the Output information of a power adapter (some people call it AC/DC adapter) for your alarm/security system and this formula: P(W) = V(V) × I(A), the power P in watts (W) is equal to the voltage V in volts (V), times the current I in amps (A).
For example, for the power adapter with Output: 12V DC 1,25 A - you need 15 Watt solar panel simular to this:

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My alarm system powered by solar energy works perfectly!
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1.If your solar panels does not contain a built in overcharge/discharge protection you have to install a solar panel charge controller.
2.Do not buy solar panels, batteries or controllers with a customer review rating less than 4 stars.
3.The traditional alarm systems rely on a standard phone line to link a home to the alarm company. The phone line can be easily disabled by a burglar in about ten seconds with a cheap pair of wire cutters.
4.There are new generations of alarm systems that communicate wirelessly to all your alarm sensors 5.Some new generation alarm systems use the Crash and Smash Feature and are more reliable in comparison with traditional alarm systems. Traditional alarm systems wait for up to a minute before communicating an alarm signal and include an entry delay for you to disarm the signal. During the delay the system can been compromised, so no signal is ever sent to the monitoring station. With new generation alarm systems every activity or event is communicated immediately by the alarm system. New systems know when you arm and disarm, so when your system is armed and a door opens, the system switches to a special 'pending alarm' status. In this status, if the security company doesn't get the disarm signal, or an actual intrusion alert, the security company assumes there is an intrusion and acts accordingly. This unique and patented feature is the safest and most reliable protection you can get.

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